Case Studies

Lightning Cockpit

We received a call from Bournemouth Air Museum asking if we could take their Lightning Cockpit to Bournemouth Square for 5am, it was for the Bournemouth Air Festival. We arranged to load the cockpit onto our vehicle the evening before and then took it to the Square for 5am, the people on site  were unsure which way they wanted it to go after a discussion with our driver they agreed the final resting place , our driver lowered it down into the final position levelled it up and off he went job done by 6am, all involved were very happy. A few days later we collected the cockpit from the square and returned it to the museum.

Crashed Light Aircraft

We received a call from an anxious customer who had a light aircraft that had crashed into a field and he needed it to be moved urgently from Dorking back to Bournemouth International Airport. Our driver left on a Sunday morning for Dorking upon arrival he was met with several engineers who had already taken the wings off we had to load the aircraft and the wings by hiab onto our lorry we then made sure it was safe before returning to Bournemouth. Once on sight at Bournemouth again several engineers were there to meet our driver after a discussion about where they wanted it to go he lowered the aircraft and wings onto the deck.

Christmas Tree in Poole High Street

An email was received from a customer that required our hiab lorry and driver to erect a 30ft Christmas Tree in Poole High Street, upon receiving this email we contacted the customer and arranged a sight visit for the following day. Whilst attending the site visit we were asked if we could be on sight for 5am this was not a problem, we then had to do a risk assessment and method statement for the job we had to get a permit to do this job from Poole Borough Council and make sure that all relevant equipment was on board the lorry. Our driver and Banksman got to site at 4.30am to ensure everything was in place they then set about doing the job by 5.30am the Christmas Tree was in position and driver and banksman were on route back to our yard.

Our driver was on a site delivering a portacabin he was asked “do we move scaffolding “ the answer was “yes”our driver gave a business card to the customer who then telephoned the office the next day to arrange for us to go in and move scaffolding the following week. Since then we have done several jobs for this customer moving scaffolding and porta cabins from one to site to the next.


Whether its containers, cabins, boats, light aircraft, bricks, timber, steel, plant machinery factory removals or just an on-site movement or erection you require, local or long distance, at Dave Forrest Transport we will be happy to help, so please get in touch with us for further information.

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